Prized Possession

Prized Possession - Kora Knight Somehow this installment surprised me!!! I was ready for another “Scott seduction”. What would be fine by me of course.

But imagine my surprise, Tad being in charge this time…


I absolutely loved Tad having the urge to prove himself to Scott. Him feeling the need to be in an equal-sided “relationship”. Him actually thinking this could grow in anything but a relationship had me happy with tears!! Yes TAD!!!!

“Just the thought of being Scott’s first in ages ANYTHING made his whole being thrum. But it also made fluttering things burn heavily in his gut. A strange feeling of possessiveness rose up in his chest. Scratch that. He didn’t want to be Scott’s anything. He wanted to be his everything.“


So many things I loved in this book; the phone-sex, the kick-boxing, Tad topping Scott, but my absolute favorite was “the ever-wanting kiss"....

That was so well written, It just turned me in a puddle of goo..

“Wet, firm heat slid inside his mouth and started to sensually roam. Tad clutched Scott’s sides tighter. Oh God, he tasted so fucking sweet. In the way that only a man could. Scott groaned softly, gliding his tongue over top of Tad’s, then below with a slow easy sweep. Tad’s whole body thrummed. Each tender brush, each languid stroke was methodically unraveling his soul.
Seriously. He could do this shit all night.
Note to self: Do this shit all night.”

I mean… Can’t get any better than that??!!

And the ending, gah…..
Tad coming to terms with what he wants, Scott…

Because: (quote: Jordan Burroughs)
"The most important thing is to be able to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.”

Kora, I am so curious what will become of Tad and Scott’s journey.
It’s been quite a ride so far!!








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