An Unlocked Heart

An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells, Nick J. Russo
image - Narrator Nick J. Russo

2,5 stars


I can be very short about this. There was a lot that I liked. I liked the narrator, the romance between Alex and Leo was sweet,
but after reading a few BDSM books, I must say it's not really my cuppa!!!

I can live with the submitting but the "boy" and "master" talking really turns me off... I just don't like it.

So basically I really loved the book until 50%. That's when the dom/sub relationship kicked in between Alex and Leo. And for me it went downhill from that point.
It's probably me but I just kept rolling my eyes..

The last scene in the group room when Alex and Leo had sex at the BDSM club...

He was conscious of wanting his audience to see Leo’s total mastery over him. Behind him, he heard Leo’s quickening breath as he watched the sight before him, and Alex made sure to moan, knowing how much Leo loved to hear him when they fucked.
“That’s it, boy.”