Red River (Pack Collection Book 2)

Red River (Pack Collection Book 2) - Cardeno C.
I popped my cherry with mpreg.

It was weird and freaky. I didn’t expect Wesley to get pregnant by absorbing Jobe’s seed. And then his skin becomes translucent and you can put your fingers through it to get the pup??


As Susan says; “Gimme Ass babies and c-section all day”
Oh gawd, did I say that?

I didn’t like Wesley being kept oblivious all his life. His old pack had him thinking he was not good enough to be an Alpha. And meanwhile everyone knew how special he was.

I thought this quote was funny;

“Psi males give birth. In ancient times, there were more Psis than there are now. We think that’s because Psis have a gestational period like our wolf halves – nine weeks – and females have a gestational period like our human halves – forty weeks. Shorter pregnancies mean more pups, so when Mother Nature wanted to increase the shifter population, Psis were the key”


Despite this read being weird, I did like the writing and Wesley & Jobe together. It was a pitty is was a bit short, cause I would really have liked reading more about them.