Edible (Exquisite Series)

Edible (Exquisite Series) - Ella Frank
Impromptu BR with Susan.

2,5 stars

I have this challenge; reading 12 non MM-books this year.

Having read the Temptation Series about Logan and Tate, I jumped to this opportunity to read about Logan’s brother Cole and Rachel.

I tried, I really tried to like this.

I did some extended research for casting image

Cole and Rachel (Husband and wife in real life)


I did some pretty good updates, if I say myself image

In the beginning I was even liking the sexual tension between these two, so I was on the role!!


But then the plot…..
There wasn’t any… Insta love and sex all the time and I mean ALL the time..


Quotes like;
“….. Or your greedy little pussy will stay hungry and empty”

“His throbbing length finally pushed into her needy pussy and staked it’s claim.”


And the getting married after “knowing” each other a week!!
I mean, what is that?

The thing what I did like was the appearance of Cole. Cole having, tattoo’s and nipple pearcings and a “Prince Albert” Me likey..

Rachel had some too… yeah, yeah!!

Oh and of course I liked Logan in it!!

Still have 10 non MM books to read this year, but I think I’ll stick to YA/Dystopia MF furthermore.. No MF erotica for me anymore!!

Kudo’s to my partner in crime Susan!! We sure had a blast in this buddy-read and we did it, girl