Cronin's Key

Cronin's Key (Cronin's Key #1) - N.R. Walker
BR, March 13th (release-day) with Sonia, Marte, Momo, Susan and Julie.

Very good start of the series.... I'll definitly will be wanting to read more about Cronin and Alec.
They were awesome.. But I do hope Ms Walker manages to lesson the info!!
The information we were getting through out this story was overwhelming. I understand you have to give a lot of info for the series to start but it was a bit too much for me..


Cronin - Michael Fassbender

Alec - Marco Dapper

Alec took Cronin's hand. "I said to you on the second day I was here, I wasn't sure if it weren't for us being fated
that I'd choose you. But you have to know, Cronin, I would. I would choose you."

“M’cridhe. M’gràdh.”
Alec whispered his words back to him, “My heart. My love.”