Chained in Darkness

Chained in Darkness - Nicholas Bella
I need to get a grip onto my thoughts about this... This was overwhelming and shocking!!

review to come

image - Book 1: Embraced (0-15%) ****

My goodness... This isn't anything I have read before.. No sparkling vampires here!!! This particular vampire Théoden is sardistic and clearly gets off in dominating and
torturing his "children"

Introduced is Noel, a changed vampire who refuses to submit to Théoden. But Théoden has ways to make sure he does and Noel will do so willingly ..

"You can force me, but don't ever make the fucking mistake that you made me submit." - Noel

image - Book 2: Punishment (15-25%) ****

Noel comes to realize it's no use in fighting against what Théoden requires of him. The consequenses are severe.

This was my life now. If I was going to survive it, I knew I had to say good-bye to the man I was in order to embrace the vampire I am.
I just hope I don’t lose the part of me that’s still human.

image - Book 3: Lessons (25-39%) ***

Well the lesson to be learned was easy but a lottttttt to swallow.... A bit too much but I get what was meant here!!

"Having to be honest with him... with myself, was tearing me up inside. I didn't know what to think or even how to feel."

image - Book 4: Submission (39-59%) ***

"You may hate me for what I must do, and that is of no concern to me. I will mold you into a vampire that I can take pride in calling mine.You will stand at my side, a perfect reflection of me.... of who I am. When you walk the streets with my insigna in full view of all who gaze upon you,they wil know that you were born from greatness. That superiority flows through your veins, that you are worthy.

image - Book 5: Control (59-76%) ****

Well.... Now I know what dragon venom will do with a vampire!!

"Oh, God, what the hell am I talking about? I'm considering myself his son... his child. I am truly his, I think I've stopped figthing it now."

image - Book 6: Acceptance (76-100%) ****

“You. Are. Mine!” he growled passionately.
I felt a chill go through me when he said that. It was because it was true.
“Yes, Father.” I was his.