Straight Boy: A Short Story

Straight Boy: A Short Story - Alessandra Hazard
Because Marte said dammnnn, I'm gonna read this!!


Damn indeed.... This was hot but also weird...

I was really put off by the "bitch" and "slut" calling. I got distracted by it and a bit annoyed!!
This is what I did like:

"There's not such thing as normal. Normal is subjective. You can't - and shouldn't - force yourself to want something "normal" and wanting what you truly want. It's a sure way to make you life miserable."

I was just warming up to the guys and then it was over... :(
I will continue to read the series.
Would like to know how "this thing" between Xavier and Sage develops!!

Reading udates:


"Nice to meet you, Sage. How well do you suck dick?"



Can't find any appropriate quotes!!


But Sage had to admit it felt good to feel someone so close after months of feeling alone.
Maybe he was touch-starved.
Maybe this was what Stockholm syndrome felt like.


"He - He was the only thing that kept me grounded. The only real thing. But I hated it. Hated how he made me his thing."



"He messed me up. Messed everything up. I mean, I was normal before. I knew what I wanted from life. I had a girlfriend I loved, planned to marry her at some point, have kids - normal things, you know. But he fucked me up and now I want all the wrong things. Things I shouldn't want."


"Maybe, I'm not completely straight after all."
Xavier chuckled. "Maybe? You just had my dick in you. It doesn't get gayer than that, Straight Boy."