Suspicion: Kingdom of Ara: Episode Two (New Haven, #17)

Suspicion: Kingdom of Ara: Episode Two (New Haven, #17) - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan
BR, Friday March 25th with Julie.

This was me before and after reading this book!!!


Boy, did this book deliver. It's just getting better and better. All the pieces are fitting together..

We've got Théoden who's always a step ahead. Thank gawd for that.
We've got the wolve packs, with the Alpha's Josef and Deacon. Josef is interesting and I'm very anxious to know how "his issue" will work itself out.

Deacon. You're still an asshole. But you have found your match in Elijah. He tricks you in admitting things you've never found possible.

I felt emotions I’d never explored before and I wasn’t so sure I was ready to experience this new dynamic.

Oh my god, what was happening to me?

Marco is still training Noel in being a general and Dante is added in team. With his wolf skills he's supposed to pick up on the scent of the vampire that is alleged to have killed one of Josef's wolves.
Their connection is at least to be called; hotttttttt

Marco is piece of work!!! He's arrogant and my gawd his mouth is filthy!!!

“I would suggest you two share him in a threesome tomorrow night. Fuck Romeo’s brains out first.
You’re his Father, your nut should slick his hole, getting it prepared for your little bro.
Then make Romeo suck your cock as Dante rams his ass.
Feed your boy your Daddy spunk to remind him who he belongs to, got that?”

Then finally at the end we're getting my beloved dragons. They're going to fight side by side with the vampires because the wolves are coming....

Nicholas promised us a new dragon. Tylendel needs another friend.


I approve!!!

My reading updates:


"Can I get some lube at least?" I asked.
"You'll get something, boy," Marco growled in his lusty tone.



The first thing I noticed was that Josef wasn’t looking at me, but at Dante. But he was looking at my son in a way that was different from every other awestruck expression others had given him.
hmmmmm interesting...


They knew damn well who the most vicious and dangerous wolf here was. I didn’t become the Alpha because of my good looks, though they were a perk.
Cocky much, Deacon? Still don't like him...


“You need to understand that I was human not too long ago. I am not brutal, and I don’t feel the need to have everything my fucking way. I want to feel like what we have, what I’ve given up, matters to you.”
I ♡♡♡ Elijah!!!!


HAHA Elijah!!! You've got Deacon by the balls, man....


“Okay, let’s go kick some ass and ..... " (spoiler)