Kage - Maris Black


I’ve read this series in one breath. It’s that awesome!! I absolutely adore Jamie and Kage together.

This is no ordinary romance. This is gritty and quite dark. Kage lives a lot of secrets that need to come to surface!!

Jamie, a 20 year old student of journalism. He hopes to be a sports writer, or a publicist for a sports team. For his final project he wants to cover a MMA event.



This is where he meets Kage. Kage is a MMA fighter, not yet known at the UFC. He fights in only illegal underground fights.

Right at the beginning you can sense their attraction. Jamie is straight, he has this hot cheergirl-girlfriend. When Layla breaks up with him, Jamie is not that upset. He is surprised to hear from his professor that he’s been offered a summer-internship as publicist with Michael Kage in Las Vegas.

Jamie is intrigued and confused about his growing attraction to Kage. Yes, he watches gay porn, but he doesn’t pay for it. So that doesn’t make him gay, right?

He was so incredibly larger than life. I’d never met anyone who made me feel so insignificant, so lacking. Either he sensed my unease and purposely came to the rescue, or he was oblivious to it, because he continued on smoothly.

I luuuuuved their slow built of sexual tension!! I was biting my nails….


I’d never felt anything so erotic, so carnal… I wanted it, loved it, needed it like I’d never known I needed anything in my life.

Still at the end of the book we don’t know much more of Kage. Kage is still mysterious and untouchable.

“That’s what I do, Jamie. I hurt people. Do you know what they call me in there?
They call me the Machine. Do you think you can have feelings for a machine?”

Yeah, the ending…… Yep not what I expected. It was dark and gritty and I sure NOW wanna know what the heck is going on.