Last Dance with Mary Jane

Last Dance with Mary Jane - John Goode
Last minute BR, April 29th with Paul, Sonia and Julie.

OMG, John you managed to make me an emotional mess, right now!!

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL story about the purpose of life and how we should live it with no regrets....


"Every single person counts, Peter. No matter how small or trivial they may seem, each one is precious and vital and needs to live to their fullest"


Thank you, John!!



"I didn't say God, did I? I said Fate's a bitch, and she does make cars crash. Fate makes all sorts of things happen, and unlike God, no one goes to church on Sundays to thank her for fucking up their life."


"Good news is something I've always mistrusted. My life has been littered with debris that's the aftermath of good news - the result of me droppig my guard.


"(....) he was texting us while he was stalking you and said you were either a spy or a superhero, the way you kept to yourself."
"So, Superman"
"Nope. You don't have the all-American thing going for you, You have too much angst. Also, you're kinda a nerd," he said.
"So, that means I'm SpiderMan?"
"You're better. You're my Peter Parker.
"So that makes you my Mary Jane? Come on and kiss me, Mary!!"


When the voice mail beeped, I noticed I had started crying.
"But you answered," I wailed. "You were there! Where are you?"

"I'm sorry, but your time is up."


"I feel like I'm dying."
"Nonsense," she answered quickly. "If you were actually dying, there would be less pain."


Gosh, this is harsh!!! Peter keeps on hearing his husbands voice...


We go through so much every day that it's impossible to notice the good things when someone's inundated with all the bullshit. But Peter, if you look back at it as a whole, I bet you'll see more good than bad."


"You wanted more time, a chance to make him as happy as he made you, and instead you went back to work and ignored him. And you're left with more regrets that you had before he got sick and a lifetime of grief.


"We all have to dance, Peter, no exceptions. We all dance until the music stops. Those are the rules.


"I love you, Spider-Man"
"I love you too, Mary Jane"