The Bohemian and the Banker

The Bohemian and the Banker - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon
BR, April 27th with Marco, Marte, Mel, Julie and Momo

Charming historical romance in a perfect setting, Paris and London.

Paris in 1900

Loved the differences between the somewhat stiff banker, Nigel and the Bohemian singer Jean Michel/Jay.
Love when the characters are so fit for each other!!!

When on business trip, Nigel sets eyes on the singer Jean Michel, he is instantly smitten. Nigel has only lived for his job and is confused by Jay’s appearance, that’s obviously way out of his way of thinking. Jay finds Nigel’s innocence endearing and they spend the night together.

Nigel returns to London, thinking he could pick up his life again. But his encounter with Jay has changed him and he finds his structured life now boring. Jay is missing him as well and he decides to give his uncle in London a visit and “accidently” drop by Nigel.

Although Jay loved to dress up in women’s clothes, he never wanted to be a woman. It was just his way to express himself.

“Men can enjoy wearing pretty things and putting on a face, becoming...a different person. Nothing like the feeling of silks or velvets against one's flesh and the swish of the heavily beaded fabric around one's legs" He smiled, and the quiet, reflective tone disappeared from his voice. "And I enjoy taking them off again, too, because those gowns are restricting. What women must go through for fashion's sake!"

Nigel loved Jay’s feminine side as much as his masculine side.


I was anxious to know how the writers would be able to give these men their happily ever after, knowing this was the 1900’s and how the world looked upon homosexuality those days…

The “openminded” Paris against the “stuffiness” of London worked for me!!

The ending was quite lovely. Very enjoyable read!!