Loving Jay

Loving Jay - Renae Kaye
This was such a great book, I just want to cuddle it..


I loved all the characters… The crazy inner voice of Liam, how he was convincing himself “he wasn’t gay”…..

“I looked at him, marveling that even up close he looked gorgeous. His lips looked full and totally kissable, and we were standing close enough that if I leaned in some, and he leaned some, our mouths would meet. Not that I wanted to kiss him or anything. I’m not gay.”

But the most fun I had was with Jay!! He was adorable… Such a dramaqueen, charged with this “verbal diarrhea”.


“Oh. My. Gawd! And then she says to the poor guy, "I don’t think my waterworks are running as they should be. Do you want a look?" And before the guy could blink or swallow, she has her skirt hiked up around her waist and her underwear down. I swear I saw more than any grandson should ever have to see! I flew out of that room like there was a nest of snakes crawling across the floor and I tell you, Liam, my poor eyes will never recover.”

This easy-going-Liam was just a perfect fit for the high-maintenance-Jay. I loved that Liam simply adored Jay and that he was able to slow Jay down in such a loving way!!

I would have loved to read more of Liam and Jay..


“He’d smiled at me with devotion and I had responded with a look of complete adoration. And the photographer had snapped the picture, capturing that instant—two men gazing at each other, utterly in love. Jay loving me, and me… loving Jay.”

Highly recommended!!