Rough Road

Rough Road - Vanessa North
4,5 stars


After Double Up I wanted Eddie’s story so much!!

Eddie is amazing.. He’s rich but also caring. One day he meets his “hard-hat-angel”, Wish. Wish is construction worker and he’s quite younger than Eddie. Eddie tries to holds off any relationship because of the age-gap but soon they discover they are a perfect match. I loved Wish. He didn't care less he was that much younger!!

But he makes me laugh, and he’s the best kind of eye candy, and he gets me, really fucking gets me the way few people ever have. It’s not just that he gets my kinks. He gets the risk-taking. The wakeboarding, the picking fights. He sasses me back.

To be honest, the kinky stuff did make me feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning cause these guys love to inflict and receive pain. But they also loved to cuddle afterwards.


The scene Wish surprises Eddie with a nipple-piercing was so cute.


“You know what turns me on?”
He shakes his head.
“That you wanted to do something nice for me and thought of needles. You’re perfect. Don’t ever change.”

And the fact we get so much more of Ben and Davis was such a bonus. I loved this. imageimage

*Highly recommended*