Where You Lead

Where You Lead - Dreamspinner Press LLC, Greg Tremblay, Mary Calmes
description - Narrator: Greg Tremblay

This audio had me smiling the whole time!! It was so damnnn sweet!!! Now I just wanna read X-mas stories!!! Can I???


Carver and Pete are in love but Carver needs to move home to help his family. His mother has had a stroke so his father needs help to take care of her!!
Peter is an ATF agent and has this big career going in Chicago. Will he follow his love of his life to the small town "Mayberry" Colt in Kentucky and leave his work partner and friends behind?

I had thought if I followed him, it would make me weak, but it turned out bending for your partner was part of what made a true union, born of commitment and faith. You made concessions for people you loved, and for me, there was only one person who actually had a hold on my heart.