The Return: A Titan Novel

The Return: A Titan Novel - Jennifer L. Armentrout 4,5 stars

I loved The Covenant Series, always had a soft spot for Seth. Even if he was an ass sometimes, he was also funny and compassionate!!

Anyway, after Seth thoroughly f**cked up he was left being Apollo’s and the other Gods’ “bitch”, doing all sorts of violent jobs for them.

Then Apollo has a new job for him. He needs Seth to protect a girl named Josie and keep her safe from harm.



After everything that happened, Seth feels he deserves all that comes to him and he certainly doesn’t believe he deserves a girl like Josie.



“When I’m with you, I don’t feel like a monster. I forget. I forget all the things I’ve done that make me not deserve this.”

Obviously this series is not YA, like the Covenant series. Cause pheeew, Jennifer sure knows how to write a kissing scene.


“I don’t even know who I am anymore. Or what I ever was.”
“You’re just… you’re just Seth.”
“And you… you’re just my salvation.”

This was such a great start of the series and I’m happy to know there will be two more!!

Finally I have to say I loved the first original cover better!!
Seth is perfect in this.. His amber eyes and that tear!! GAH