Frozen Hearts

Frozen Hearts - Teegan Loy
"Always have. Always will"

Very intense story about a hockey player Eric "Foxy" who's fed up with his life, fed up with others dictating his life any longer.

He's no longer sure he wants to be the professional hockey player without his love of his life Tyce in his life.
Five years ago his father decided to cut Tyce out of his life by shipping him to another school. For no hockey player is supposed to be gay.

But Eric has never been able to get Tyce, his friend he grow up with, go.


There are some pretty harsh scenes about bigotry.. Dammn they pissed me off.
So Eric's and Tyce's HEA was very well deserved..

We both stared at the framed photo of two young boys, lips touching,lost in each other, totally oblivious to the camera.