Strong Side

Strong Side - Alison Hendricks
*4,5 Touchdown stars*

~ ARC kindly provided by the author ~


Wow, I am really impressed with this debut novel.

Though being an European girl and not understanding much about the dynamics of American Football, I enjoyed this story enormously. I read it in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.

This story ticked all my happy boxes;

Jason is the QB and Derek is the new receiver. They click rather well on the field and when Jason decides to help train Derek more, due to some “freezing” during the game. Derek went through some traumatic event where he was seriously injured while playing in highschool and it all seems to come back to him. With Jason’s help he seems to overcome his fear and they become real good friends.

Jason has never known more than to be a football player. Derek helps him studying so he will be able to graduate.

Derek is gay. He’s not keeping it a secret but with his history he’s reluctant to let his teammates know. He’s always been attracted to Jason. But what can a guy do when his best friend is straight? I guess, just pining. And that is what he does until Jason acts on some jealousy!!!


I loved there was no angst and as soon Jason figured out his feelings, he was ready to be out and proud! I loved Derek’s family and even Jason’s father redeemed himself. I could see he really cared for his son.

I hope to read more of these guys cause they were awesome.

He took me from Hawk the “star quarterback” to Jason, a guy who’s recognized for more than his ability to throw a football. And even though we haven’t officially talked about it yet, I’d like to spend the rest of my life thanking him for that.