Review: Against the Grain by Charlie Cochet

Against the Grain - Charlie Cochet

Hmmmm this one is a tough one to rate. It wasn't bad but not that great either!!


The first half I was ready to kick Ash's ass, so stupid he was behaving. Thank gawd he got to his senses


Ash had a lot of skeletons in his closet and they needed to be dealt with before he was able to go for this relationship with Cael.

Their romance is sweet. Kuddos for Cael for being so patient with Ash.

Cael kicked some ass at some point. He really got past his past. That was great.



He stood up for himself and proved he was as fierce a Therian agent as any other THIRDS agent.
Cael felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders. He was capable, always had been.

He was going to be fine.


Sloane and Dex were awesome again. They are still my favorite couple.
Dex just makes me giggle all the time. Especially his interaction with Ash/Simba is hillarious.


It has been interesting again to read again about the adventures of the THIRDS and I'll be looking forward to reading about Hobbs and Calvin.


So hobbling to that installment....