Review: Release Me by Faith Gibson

Release Me - Faith Gibson

Rockstar Cade



Cowboy Mal



This had me rolling my eyes a bit in the beginning but it turned out fine. I was glad I didn't read the first installment cause Cade would've driven me crazy with his "Tag-this-Tag-that". Far too much comparisons with Cade's first love Tag for my taste!!


I liked Cade's protectiveness. Although he had grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he wasn't an ass about it. He just liked to use his money to take care of his people. Mal had grown up quite differently. His father "caught" him when he was sixteen and his father "didn't take it very well". Ever since Mal has done everything in his power to take care of his mother, his family's farm and the bar. But he's at his end's rope.


He meets Cade at his bar and they have a night together. Despite their differences they have a lot in common and when Cade learns about the trouble Mal is in, he steps in to help. Without Mal's knowing...


My heart went out to Cade when shit hit the fan.. I loved his messages to Mal. And his song..


Your wild horse couldn't drag me away
Your silence did the deed instead
Release me, untangle me from the noose
Release me, come on Cowboy, turn me loose


I hope the next will be about Andy and Bryan.