Review: Axel's pup by Kim Dare

— feeling sad
Axel's Pup (Werewolves & Dragons Book 1) - Kim Dare

Dammn, I hate that I didn't love this more!!


There were parts I loved very much. I luuuuved Axel. He was a very sweet dom. At least he was not an asshole dom. I loved him being the human-Alpha. I could totally see that working. But I was very frustrated with Bayden. Bayden just didn't get it.....



He kept making these bets for winning money to support his wolf-family. I could understand that in the beginning. But when he made this 6 weeks deal to submit to Axel, he kept getting himself hurt. So much he didn't even recognise it hurt Axel. Axel wanted to support him at every level, be his mate. I could see that Bayden wanted this too but he kept on wining about not being a good wolf.


Bayden finally got it at the end and 100% submitted to Axel. I liked that but I'm still not sure I like this BDSM, colloring and leashing....


"You've got your pack, and your mate, and your alpha. You're the safest wolf in the whole world, pup."




"That's right, pup. Mine - always."