Review: Vespertine by Leta Blake van Indra Vaughn

Vespertine - Indra Vaughn, Leta Blake


Just as amazing as the first time!!!
That scene when Nicky learns about why Jazz made his decision to join the Priesthood, had me baweling like a baby again!!


I love these guys!! 


Goosebumps rose over Jasper's arms. He hadn't felt this alive in a long time. A sweet ache heated his blood and and a warm flush burst over his cheeks. God owned his soul, but Nicky would always have his heart.







Original review; 2015, November 26th


BR, November 23th with Julie and Marco.



Even after 2 days I can’t even…. I’m just not able to put into words how I felt about this book!! This was such an emotional read. The connection, the love Jasper and Nicky shared felt so strong. It hurt so much!!!


I’m not going to tell what it’s about cause everyone can read the blurb. But I didn’t want this book to end. It was beautiful .



Jasper and Nicky’s story is not one you would usually expect. Yes it’s about religion but it’s not about people outside of the relationship dealing with prejudice and bigotry. It’s more about the religion/beliefs within a man himself. Cause Jasper struggled, man he struggled so much.


All these years. Did I fool myself, or is this, like Nicky said, an interlude? Will this longing and pain fade like it did when we were seventeen? Or will I learn to live with it? Did it ever fade?



“I always loved you,” he whispered. “I can’t even pretend I loved God more, back then. Every minute I spend with you now I wonder if my calling wasn’t a coward’s path."


I loved Nicky. Nicky the broken man… Still in love with his best friend Jazz after 17 years!! It was heartbreaking to see what had become of his life. Being the writer of the Rock band Vespertine, he was never able to put his feelings for Jazz behind him.


Nicky wanted to bite him, wanted to pound his fists on his back and scream, because his soul was ripping open and he was going to die here on this island when Jasper pulled away.


After nearly dying from heavily drug abuse, Nicky comes home to recover and to make a new start. In doing so, he’ll be confronted with Jasper again. Can they makes mends and become friends once more?


“I’m a goddamn junkie and a whore and I’m not even a fucking decent musician anymore. What good has come out of my life after that choice you made on both our behalves, Jazz?” He got closer, up in Jasper’s face. “Tell me, because I want to fucking know.”


I can keep quoting from this book. I loved the Bible passages, I loved the secondary characters; Nicky’s parents, his band mate Ramona, the kids from Blue Oasis and Jasper’s mentor, Father Thomas.


God calls to everyone, and some hear him loud and clear- like you. But that doesn’t mean we’ve deciphered his whole message in one go. He keeps calling us, and sometimes he might guide us down an unexpected path.”


Easily one of the best books I’ve read this year!!!