Review: Hide & Seek by TM Smith

Hide and Seek: An All Cocks Story (All Cocks Stories Book 6) - Hope Vincent Flat Earth Editing, Jay Aheer, Robert T. Smith

BR with Julie and Momo.


This was horrible. I kinda liked the first half. David's telling of his past and what happened to him was promising. Dusty connecting with him for that reason.. I could follow that.
But then... nothing. I guess not "nothing" but a great amount of stupidity!!!


I just couldn't connect with Dusty and David's relationship. So much weird stuff happened. Maybe it's because I didn't read the previous installments but who were all these people?? One big CockyBoys family? They are all friends, but f**** each other on the job?


I don't even want to rant about this. Just tooooo stupid.


At a certain point I was checking all boxes;


* sex toys √
* topping √
* bi sexuality √
* pregnancy √
* babies √


Nope, this series is not for me.




(And writing this, I realize 2 stars is too much!! -> 1.5 stars