Review: Into You by Jay Northcote

Into You - Jay Northcote

I love body-swapping stories!! And this was lovely.


Scott and Olly have been friends since childhood but at the age of 14 they experimented a bit that scared the hell out of Scott. They haven't been friends ever since.


Scott is a football player and he has dated a lot of girls but it never felt right. One day he almost runs over Olly. They argue and somehow the next morning they wake up in each other's body!!


They are forced to work together, to help each other in being the other and to find a way to swap back into their own bodies. It was interesting though to see Scott struggling with Olly's body!! Olly came out as gay when he was 16 years old and it was Olly's body that helpt Scott accept his own sexual orientation!!


"It's not my problem to fix. You have the power, Scott. Every fairy tale needs someone with courage, and it doesn't have to be a handsome prince. Be brave and true to yourself, and all will be well."



I really enjoyed the story cause all that matters of course is that we learn to accept who we are and be okay with it.