Review: The Lightling- Struck Heart by TJ Klune

The Lightning-Struck Heart - Lesley Berk;Michael Berk;David Castle;Sue Lauder, T.J. Klune


- Narrator: Michael Lesley


 SWEET MOLASSES!!! (Yes, I capitalized it) This was AMAZEBALLS (And I capitalized this again)!! So now it's real.... 



You know, the books I love so much are the ones that are so hard to review!! I feel like everything I would say would be so inadequate!!! So I hope my updates will be enough. I quoted the hell out them....


All the love for ALL the characters!! A special thanks for Michael Lesley. I have never listened to an audio that perfect!! It was like listening to a radio play. I had so much fun with this audio!!

I'm absolutely in awe of him. 


I can not wait for the sequel and hope we won't have to wait that long for the audio.

Now, I'm afraid for the bookhangover. Always happens after such an amazing book!!