Review: Sacrifices by Nicholas Bella

Sacrifices: Kingdom of Ara (Episode Four) (The New Haven Series Book 19) - Heidi Ryan, Nicholas Bella


 BR with Julie







After 19 books of the New Haven series, this series came to an end.

I was expecting it to end in a BIG BANG but regretfully not....






Sooooooo I'm just asuming we won't have to say goodbye to Théoden, Noel, Marco, Bruce, Romeo. etc etc

Yes, of course no end to the Vampires. We're only going to get MORE of the wolves and dragons.


Right, right Nicholas?



It didn't really feel like a closure. More like a push to the new series which I'm very excited about.


Cause.... Josef and Dante's mating surely has to occur soooooon



I'm ready!!! :D