Review: Torch by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

Torch (Unbreakable Bonds Series Book 3) - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

BR with Susan, Wendy, Karlijn and Marte.

** 3 stars (story)+ 1 star (I love the series so much)**


I can't help it but I love all these men. Even Lucas...



Of all the men, Rowe was the only one straight. Married to Mel. Until Mel got killed. Rowe was grieving, run from his life with Mel and was just struggling with guilt for this last year. Then his old Ranger buddy, Noah payed him a visit and all these confusing feelings came up. How he felt all these years about Noah.

As much as I loved Noah, I felt he had the patience like a saint with Rowe, I felt he was selling himself short. Of course Rowe was still mourning about his wife and on top of that he was now struggling with this idea that maybe he wasn't that straight at all. It was just a bit too much all at the same time.

And as he kissed Noah in that moment, he knew he’d come too fucking close to losing one more moment of that because he was still holding on to the past. Rowe would never stop loving Mel, but his wife was gone and their life together was over.

He was getting another shot to have something too damn amazing to pass up. A third shot if he wanted to be completely honest because he could have had this with Noah before.







I have to say Snow's book with Jude was my favorite. He seemed like the most fucked up guy of the lot but he sure has this solid relationship now. I love how sappy Snow has become because of Jude.

Lucas and Andrei's relationship went to whole new level. Until Lucas's latest stunt at the end. He sure will have to grovel to get back into Andrei's goodwill... Stupid ass.

And yet now: Ian's story!!!
Ian and Hollis's story is gonna be sweet....

"I need to know one hundred percent that you're okay with me touching you like this."


Is it Spring 2017 yet?