Review: Places in Time by Cardeno C.

Places in Time - Cardeno C.

 - Narrator: John Solo


This story didn't work for me at all. I didn't have time to really connect with the Ethan and Jude.
Ethan was oblivious for his true feelings for his forever friend Jude. Wasting his life by having these relationships with women that had no meaning at all.

One day, this woman aka spirit takes him back to his past and shows Ethan how much Jade has always meant to him.



When Ethan finally got his head out of his ass, his conversations with Jude were just.. too much.

But now that we’d added a physical aspect to our relationship, my new favorite thing to do with Jude was to spread my legs and my ass and whimper while he did things with his tongue that felt so good they had to be illegal.

“Look at you, E,” he said reverently as he caressed my cheeks. “I love how open you are, how trusting.”


Yeah.... nope

I'll end though with a possitive view and I actually found a fitting pic for this scene!!

“I want you there with me, J. I want to hold your hand on that red carpet with the flashing bulbs and the questions about our clothes and the stupid jokes.

Ricky Martin with his beau