Review: Jumpstart by Riley Hart

Jumpstart (Crossroads Book 4) - Riley Hart

I just love Riley Hart!! She seldomly does wrong with me. Although it's a novella, the story between Beck and Christian totally worked for me. I would've loved a full-length story about them though, but that's just me being greedy.


Beckett is living his dream being the succesfull motocrosser he is. But something is still missing. His dream doesn't feel like it's enough. He wants real connection, wants to be fully happy. After he "accidenty" is being outed, Beck takes time off to see his friend Landon in Virginia.



More then ever, Beckett keeps thinking about his childhood friend Christian. The same Christian he left behind for 10 years....


Christian has never been able to forget about Beckett. He's been living in California for years but has always been following Beck's carreer. One day he receives a phonecall of Beck and he senses he could use his help. He packs his bags and heads off to Virginia.


I loved their reconnection.. I loved how they tried to be friends first again. To pick up where they left off 10 years ago. But being friends will never be enough.



Motocross was his dream, his career, his passion, one of his loves, but he hadn’t been fully living, not before he was honest about who he was, not before he had Christian back.


Loved to see all the guys of the Crossroad's series. Great seeing them being happy!!


I would love to see the next installment to be about Quinn, Christian's friend.