Review: Home is where you are (Alpha's Homestead #1) by Alex Jane

Home is where you are - Alex Jane













Oh.... How I loved this story!!



Very slow paced in the beginning. We really get to see into Caleb's thoughts, what he was living with. His guilt and shame for being who he was. It hurt him so much, he left his pack, went to war and has been an alone wolf ever since.

But one day another werewolf is delivered at his home, severly injured, no other place to come and recover from his injuries. Caleb tends to Jacob's injuries and Caleb's wolf is overjoyed he has found his mate. But Caleb fights his wolf and his own human feelings, too burdened with his shame.



This story made me think so much about Kim Fielding's Brute. Wonderful worldbuilding and some great characters.

I was truly captivated.