Review: Just Drive (Anchor Point #1) by L.A. Witt

Just Drive - L.A. Witt


I think this will be a very nice series. I like military men, who doesn't!! The writing was very smooth and it had me interested from the very start.

Very likable characters and I loved the double POV!!! It makes the story so much interesting.




Sean and Paul meet one day when Sean picks him up as a cabdriver and Paul just asks him to just drive.
Immediately there is this attraction between these two men, even after they understand there is this big-age gap between them. What starts with a one-night-stand, turns into so much more. They don't seem to be able to stay away from each other.



When feelings start up, they understand there is no future for their relationship because Paul is Sean's father commanding officer. Their relationship would ruin both their careers in the Navy.

What I liked very much about this story was yes this was about a relationship between an older and a much younger man, but the older didn't seem to be the wisest. On all accounts, even in the sex-scenes. I appreciated this. Sean was not the typical young guy, he suffererd through this father employments all his life, was not able to make friends and finish his studies because of all the moving. He had to grow up fast.

So when it was made sure that even now Sean had to give up his love of his life for the sake of his father's carreer, my heart broke.

Needless to say the ending made me a very happy girl.

For me and Paul, there was nothing standing in our way anymore. The only thing in front of us was an open road.
And all we had to do was drive.

Will be looking forward to Travis's story. Paul's friend.