Review: Walking on Thin Ice by Jocelynn Drake

Walking on Thin Ice - Jocelynn Drake

*4.5 "Tomorrow" stars*

Very enjoyable and hot story!! Could've read a full length novel about Evan and Spenser.

Spenser and Evan meet at a club and Spenser wants to hook-up with him. Evan just doesn't want to do one-night-stands any longer so he says no. Spenser is not used to saying no to, this big important rich guy.



Evan agrees to accompany Spenser to his family home for the Christmas holidays. I loved Spenser's loving family. It becomes clear why Spenser is withdrawn and sad at times. It is not because of his family but everything to do with his extended family. Spenser feels the responsibility to keep his family happy at the expense of his "coming-out" and hapiness.

“I just want you.”

"You are worth tomorrow and you are so worth all my tomorrows."

Great sexy story with great characters by Jocelynn Drake. She has not disappointed me so far!!!