Review: September (Pride and Joy #1) by Robert Winter

September - Robert Winter



This may have been my best read of 2016!!! Wonderful debut novel involving great characters.
I loved everything about this book. The slow built of trust between these men, their loss, the age gap.
It tore me up many times......




David has been a widower for almost 2 years. He's 48 years old and a succesul lawyer. To try to get past his loss of Kyle, he works and excersises hard at the gym. When he injures himself he gets assigned to the young physical therapist Brandon.





David and Brandon meet for coffee and one thing leads to another....





Are they able to put their differences aside? Are they able to get past their age-gap. Will David be able to get past his guilt of beginning a new relationship?

I appreciated very much reading about Kyle's thoughts. . It made it very clear the difficulty David had to go through by his grief. Brandon didn't have one problem with their age difference but it was hard for him to accept David's giving nature. It was hard to accept the gifts David wanted to give him. He didn't like to be a kept man. Obviously a lot of people would be thinking about their relationship that way.

"My life has been so empty since that day I left Provincetown. I didn't even know what love could be like until you showed me. You mean everythin' to me too, David, so I'm yours again, if you'll be mine."

And... As it wasn't difficult enough to read about the loss, the hurt, tragedy strikes again..



Grab the tissues and hold on to this wonderful journey of these wonderful men.