Review: Lost Tales From Foster High (Tales From Foster High #9.5) by John Goode

Lost Tales From Foster High - John  Goode









** Place called home - 4.5 stars



I'm not sure if I remember Aaron that well. I would have to start Tales From Foster High Series all over again. Poor, poor me.... :D

Anyway it's about a boy who has done everything in his power to escape the town Foster. Has run away from his true feelings for being gay. He's joined the army now and won't be back. In his last week before his deployment he agrees with an old classmate Tommy to go out fishing. And they discover new things about each other...

fav. quotes

So many of us think that men aren't supposed to show emotion or to express joy but as I felt him press down onto me, I knew that the people who had perpetuated that myth were idiots. I didn'feel less of a guy being with him, if anything I felt more of one. ~

This wasn't about one of us being the man and the other the woman, this was about both of us being men and enjoying it for that reason.


..... I began to realize what I had been missing in my life and why I had been so miserable for most of it. It wasn't that I was blind. I had been wandering around in the dark for so long. It wasn't that Foster was a miserable place.

I was that I had never known what being truly happy had felt like. So I had never known how to really look for it.

- And here I go again with the quoting. #canthelpmyself

You will rise - anything but 5-Brad & Kyle stars



"You really don't think it's weird to watch this?"

"I think it's weird you wear tight pants and chase a ball around a field for hours at a time, this is the most normal thing I've seen you do."

Last Friday Night - anything but 5-Brad & Kyle stars

I don't care.. I'll read anything about Kyle & Brad. This was about the early days of them together with the add of an unexcisting character in the series; Taylor, Kelly's older brother. As Kyle mentioned to Brad. "He was you before you."

There was a part of me that just couldn't handle looking at him without melting a little. It felt like everything I thought made up the person I was tricked away, leaving nothing but unabashed love for my boy with the blue eyes.

** Unused Opening for 151 Days

John's different opening of 151 Days. History of the town Foster is great of course but Kyle & Brad's story is always better. always ♡♡♡



** Five Dates and a Hookup anything but 5-Brad & Kyle stars

*cringes.... Brad, what were you thinking!!!! pfffft
.. he doesn't want to be exclusive because he thinks it would deprive me of much needed life lessons.

"Please don't date people any more, please, Just be my guy and wait and I'll come back. I promise I will come back and I'll make it up to you and..."

"Brad?" He paused.
"I've always been your guy; I've just been waiting for you to see it."


** If Only in My Dreams anything but 5-Brad & Kyle stars

Lovely little X-mas story. Kyle's disappoinment that Brad wouldn't make it home on time for Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas.

** Regret - 4 Regret stars

Here we find out what happened to Jeremy after 151 Days and a sneak peek of Kyle & Brad's new story; Dreams of a Walking Man

I still wanna cry when reading about Kelly....

"We have to let him go Jeremy, we both have to let Kelly go."



** The Beginning is the End is the Beginninganything but 5-Brad & Kyle stars

Story about the very beginning of Brad and Kyle noticing each other. Brad thinking he didn't deserve to ever be happy and Kyle thinking he was broken.

Brad's thoughts;

I didn't get to like guys. I didn't get to be happy. Happy and me weren't friends and we never would be. I had a job to do, a mask to wear and damned if I let myself slip up now.


Loved this anthology!!! Very clever that last story!! It's where it begins and ends at the same time.
I'm so very excited to read about Kyle & Brad's future life. I can't wait.