Review: Switched by N.R. Walker

Switched - N.R. Walker


* 5 AYE AYE Captain stars*

You know those books you wanna start re-reading the moment you finished? Well this was one like it. I think I read some parts 3 times already!!!

I loved everything about this book. Felt so sad for Israel for growing up that way, being unatached from his parents.... And then on top of that one day he's told he was switched at birth.!! It's all so confusing for him for now he thinks it wasn't his fault that makes him so inadequate. He was born in the wrong family. His parents really deserved another son.

And then there's Sam. Sam, his longtime BFF. They have a beautiful friendship and Sam is really Israel's rock in everything. When I read the scene when Iz meet his birth mother, I needed a lot of tissues. It was so emotional to read about Israe's realisation that his life would've been so different when growing up in this family....

Israel also realises he's so depended of Sam. Whatever life brings him, Sam is his first thought. It was so great to see Israël realise his feelings for Sam were so much more than friendship.

The building up was.... pheeeuw The moment when Sam and Israel came together for the first time was hilarious and about 65%. So you'll have to wait for the first kiss but it's definitely worth the wait cause they were freaking hot together!!



“There’s nothing about you I don’t know. The best parts, the worst parts; we’re through all that. I was watching you, thinking ‘That’s my best friend,’ except things just got a whole lot better.” He shrugged. “It’s like Monopoly. We passed Go, collected $200, skipped all the shitty property, and landed straight on Mayfair.”

I laughed. “Is that right?”

“Yep. And you wanna know the other best part?”

“I’m starting to think no, no I don’t.”

He grinned and told me anyway. “You already know what I like to eat for breakfast and you can get up and make it for me.” He sprang off the bed like a cat and walked to the door. “Come on Iz, I’m hungry.”

Perfect Friends-to-lovers-story!!