Review: Isadora (Masters among Monsters #2) by Ella Frank

Isadora - Ella Frank


As impressive as the first time if not better!!!

Vasilious, Alasdair and Leo are hot together.



Do not doubt me, my Alasdair. I would worship at your feet, ómorfo mou agorí. You are of my blood, you are my life, and you are the only one who understands all the dark places inside me and the light we both crave.”

“Open your eyes, Alasdair Kyriakoús,” he ordered. “Open your eyes and see me, see us.”

This installment is Isadora's story. I found the history of Isadora and her Ancient Diomêdês very interesting. And later on together with Elias they were perfect and scorching hot....

One hell of a threesome.

"Now, fuck her while I feed."

I've always been intrigued by the Greek Mythology and I'm so excited how this last "threesome"; Ancient Eton, his first sired Thanos and the human Paris will fit into that last installment.

I'll be studying The Scriptures of Delphi.





First read: 2016, January 25th



Some of the most "hot" scenes I have ever read!!! This was again AWESOME.

"Just because it does not beat does not mean we don't experience the same conflicts we once would have.
We have just learned to push aside emotions that make us weak. But for some, they are easier to find."

Can not wait for March 15th, Thanos and Eton's story. And I guess we'll get Paris as well.

Such an intriguing series.