Review: Perfect Catch by N.R. Walker

Perfect Catch - N.R. Walker


This story was originally part of this anthology:



It may become one of my favorite comfort reads. Troy and Cal were awesome!!

review posted at "It was Always You"

I just love ms Walker’s writing. Her characters are always so swoonworthy. I loved this one the most. Troy and Cal go on a camping trip to do some fishing cause that’s what friends do. They are so comfortable with each other. They were like a left and a right hand. For years they secretly have been pining for each other but have never been in sync. One of them was always seeing someone else. But when they get it right, boy.....

“I know. And that’s what I’m scared of,” he said. He looked away, out the kitchen window, like looking at me was too hard.

“Scared of what?”

His gaze shot to mine. “Of losing what we have,” he said. “Of risking it all. You’ve been my best friend forever, and I don’t know what I’d do without you, and that scares me.”