Review: The Next Competitor by Keira Andrews

The Next Competitor - Keira Andrews






I don't care what Keira Andrews writes. If it's about Amish boys, baseball boys, werewolves and zombies, I'll read it. Keira has not disappointed me so far.

So this was marvelous if you love ice scating!!



Alex has one thing in his life. And that is getting to the Olympics to win his first medal. So he focused. Very.... It makes him kinda of an asshole every time someone or something gets in his way.

I loved Keira's writing about the skating. I could actually see myself sitting on the stands, watching the competitions.

Then Alex meets Matt. They hate each other at first. Alex has no filter and he speaks his minds and he sees Matt as mr. Cardboard, mr. goody two shoes.

We have some hot phone/face time sex talk.



Does Alex loose his focus?

"Victory depends on four and a half minutes of ice. Life cannot."

I'd like to see a sequel of Alex and Matt attending the Olympics again.