Review: Broken by Nicola Haken

Broken - Nicola Haken
“I, um…” I squeeze my eyes closed and rub my face to make sure I haven’t dreamt it. “I just got fucked by David Gandy.”

Great start, right? Cause who wouldn't want that?



So the visual for James, I could live with. :)

Right... Vocus.. Story...

This was a serious story, beautifully written about a broken man. James has been diagnosed with bi polar. His struggle felt so real and you just see the train wreck rolling....
His relationship with Theo was beautiful and I felt so happy for James for allowing himself to maybe be happy this time in his life. Theo was so encouraging, determined to help James.

"Stay with me, Theodore. No matter how hard I push, stay with me. Believe in me."


This story tore my heart out. I was rooting for James and crying for him, also for Theo when he really got confronted with this terrible desease. Feelings as not "why was I not enough" broke me.

But Theo never gave up on James.

I don't want to reveal much more of their journey without spoiling too much so I'll just end with these beautiful words from Theo about James;

"I fell in love with you at your worst. I've had some of the best times of my life with you at, as you say, your worst. So I can't even imagine how special life will be when I get to experience your BEST."

*Bless him

This book goes right to my favorite shelf and I'll definitely will be revisiting this book again.