Review: Five-Sided Heart by Max MacGowan

Five-Sided Heart - Max MacGowan


Fivesome BR with Marco, Julie, Nathan and Teri.


*3.75 stars*

My first book about a polyamory relationship between five men. And I was not disappointed at all. This was quite good. I was expecting an enourmous sex fest. Although it was very sexy at times, the main aspect was the connection these men made with each other. So very nicely done.

They fitted perfectly.



“I know a good few things about Gabriel.”
He likes being told what to do. Helps him calm down inside his head."

Ty nodded.

“Good. That’s how you take care of him. See, Ian’s thing is mothering everyone, right? And Noah’s thing is playing the patriarch.

You [Ty] , now. What you like - what you need - is to keep yourself busy. You like working. Makes you feel good about yourself."

~~ Joshua

I only wished the ending didn't feel that rushed and so perfectly. But I guess that was the charm of this book!