Review: Knickers in a Twist by Ofelia Gränd

Knickers in a Twist - Ofelia Gränd


Who says men in lace aren't sexy? Not me!!!



This was sweet. I loved how Alex always made sure Peter felt good about himself.

"I like pretty things just as much as anyone else, and I want to call my man ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’, and I bought that pink package for me. I bought what’s in it, for me. For you to wear, while you fuck me.”

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Picture and prompt

A man is standing with his back to the camera. He is shielding his face with his arm, displaying muscles and strength, but hiding. He is wearing a black garter belt in lace with matching stockings, gloves and a harness in black leather, and nothing else. He is a beautiful contrast of strength and delicacy.



Dear Author,

Dear Author,

So I’m a man and I like to wear lace. Sometimes I like to wear leather and lace. Is that such a crime? I don’t want to be dominated, I don’t want to submit, I just want a partner who will look at me and think I’m hotter than the sun. I just want a man who won’t see me as weak because of what I wear under my clothes. But it’s hard enough to find a partner as a gay man; how am I ever going to find one who will enjoy my kink as much as I do? God, I’m so tired of hiding who I am.

Please, no BDSM. The rest is up to you.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: lingerie salesman, teacher, underwear fetish, sports, sex in public, Sweden, disability
Word Count: 14,666

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